Telegram Features You Might Not Have Known

Top 10 Telegram Features You Might Not Have Known

Whether you are a regular user of Telegram or are still new to the platform, you may not know about these features. From Live location and proximity alerts to Silent messages and editing and replacing pictures while sending, these features will make your Telegram experience even more enjoyable. Read on to learn more. We've also covered how to use Custom themes and other fun Telegram features. Read on to discover some of our favorite features!

Live location & proximity alerts

If you want to let people know where you are at any given moment, you can enable Telegram's live location & proximity alerts. You can set the radius up to 50 meters and share the location with your friends. You can also send other users a live location by attaching an icon to a message. You can then use these alerts to notify friends and family whenever you get close to them.

The best way to enable this feature on Telegram is to enable 'find people nearby'. You can do this by selecting the 'Contacts' option from the hamburger menu. Scroll down to view nearby groups and add yourself to them. You can even create your own group to invite people to join. This way, you'll be able to control who gets to know your location and who doesn't.

Another benefit to proximity alerts is that they'll let you know when someone is within 50 meters of you. This is especially useful if you're at a mall and have no way of contacting them. Additionally, proximity alerts on Telegram can be set to be silent, meaning that they won't sound like a phone call. It's perfect for sending important messages when you're out with friends and family.

Scheduled and Silent messages

If you want to send a message without being bothered by a notification sound, Telegram's silent messages feature is for you. While you will never hear the notification sound, you can be sure that the recipient will see your message on their screen when they next check their Telegram app. The silent message emoji will appear beside your name. You can also set a time and date for your messages to be sent silently.

To turn off notification sounds for messages, you can go to Settings and tap the "Silent" option. You can also choose whether to send messages to all or a select group. You can even choose whether to send a message to a friend in private or incognito mode. When sending a message through Telegram, always select the "Silent" option to protect your privacy. Then, you can choose to forward the message to only a selected group of people.

Besides receiving messages, you can send photos and videos using Telegram. You can also use stickers and draw your own pictures. You can also use a small image editor in Telegram to adjust brightness and contrast, as well as other aspects of your images. Telegram has many other features for your convenience, including bots that you can use to chat with other users and answer questions. You can even customize your profile and include a bio to make your profile look more professional.

Custom themes

If you're looking for a more personal look for Telegram, you've come to the right place. You can adjust Telegram themes from Android and iOS settings, and even create your own! Themes can be found in Settings > Chat Settings, Appearance, and the Chat Background section. This section sets the background for your groups and you can change it as often as you like.

Another interesting feature in Telegram is its ability to create polls. Polls are simply questions that can have a single correct answer, and are useful for public service exams, trivia games, and other similar activities. You can create polls in groups and channels, and they can be customized to suit any purpose. The app also lets you schedule messages. You can send them at certain times, or you can set them to re-send at specific times.

If you're interested in creating your own chat folders, Telegram allows you to do that as well. By creating folders, you can manage chats more efficiently. For example, if you are involved in multiple conversations, you can use folders to separate them, or add chats to a group. The app also enables users to create different folders for private chats, channels, and teams.

Edit and replace pictures while sending

If you've accidentally sent a photo or video, Telegram just got a new update to make that process easier. Previously, Telegram users could only delete accidentally sent media, but not change or edit it. Now, you can edit media posts like you would text messages. Once you've edited a message, it will show up as edited instead of deleted. You can also add captions to photos and videos, and you can even enable 2X playback for audio clips.

The good news is that Telegram lets you edit your messages after they've been sent. All you need to do is long-press the message you'd like to edit. Once you've done this, the message will appear with an "edited" tag, and everyone will see the change. This is especially convenient if you'd like to make minor changes to a picture. You can also edit your messages after they've been sent using Telegram Desktop.

Chat folders

In Telegram, you can create separate folders for different types of chats. This feature is useful when you want to quickly jump back and forth between groups of chats. You can create different folders for personal, work, and fun chats, or you can create more than one folder to save all your messages. Creating a folder is simple, and you can also name it if you wish. The following tutorial will show you how to create chat folders and use them to organize your chats.

The best way to organize messages is to use the "Chat folders" feature. This feature allows you to easily select certain parts of a message and then edit it. You can also delete messages from other users. Telegram allows you to create groups, which make it easy to find and contact friends. Once you have a group, you can send and receive files from others in a group without having to go through their individual messages.

Unlimited personal cloud storage

If you've ever wanted to store as much of your personal data as possible in the cloud, unlimited personal cloud storage on Telegram is now available. While it's not the same as Dropbox or Google Drive, Telegram offers the same level of security and convenience for free. Plus, there are no ads to clutter up your conversations. Read on to learn more. Listed below are the best free cloud storage options for Telegram.

Unlike Dropbox or Google Drive, Telegram offers free unlimited cloud storage. Users can upload up to 2GB of files. As long as you have at least one Telegram account, you can upload up to 2GB of files at a time. You can also transfer files to and from your Telegram account, which means that you can send and receive files with ease. Unlimited personal cloud storage on Telegram is now available to users of the popular private messaging app.

Users can also give their Cloud Storage folder a name, which will appear below sent files. You can also manage your accounts in the Telegram Cloud Storage menu, where you can add new accounts and recover account storage space. You can also browse your saved files and search for them in their respective folders. You can also download files and folders from Telegram Cloud Storage, if you wish. This way, you can always get a hold of your files when you need them.

Locate users near you

If you want to chat with people nearby, Telegram has made it easy. It has a feature called People Nearby, which lets you see profiles of people within a certain radius of your current location. Users can also use this feature to share their location publicly so that others can see how close they are. This feature is only available if you choose to share your location with other users. Regardless of whether you're sharing your location with others, it's useful to know who is nearby and who they're talking to.

Another new feature in Telegram is the ability to create groups. You can create groups for friends, neighbors, co-workers, or students. Once a group has been created, people in the area will automatically be added to it. Users can also pass ownership of the group to another member by transferring administrator privileges. Another feature in Telegram is the ability to toggle message previews and edit already-sent messages.

Group Voice chats

When you are using Telegram, you may be interested in joining Group Voice chats. You can do this by going into your account settings and tapping on the group icon in the top-right corner. From there, you can invite others to join the group or leave it if you no longer want to participate. In either case, you will be able to see the names of the other members in the group, and also join and leave the chats at any time.

Currently, group voice chats on Telegram can support a few thousand users. If you would like to use it for a live event, you can expect it to support a few thousand users. To get started, tap the voice chat feature from the top of the group chat interface. Once in a group, you can choose who is speaking, operate the microphone, and mute and unmute the chat participants.

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